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Shiny, Healthy Holiday Hair

vol and smooth prods

Want shiny and healthy looking hair without sacrificing volume for the holidays? Eva Scrivo, noted beauty consultant, helps out with a Holiday Hair tip which we want to share:

As you get ready for holiday parties and other festivities this time of year, keep in mind this great professional styling tip for your hair. No matter how much volume you want, everyone’s hair looks shinier and healthier when the ends are polished. For this reason, smoothing products are usually applied mid-length and through the ends (rather than starting at the roots). A few drops or a pea-size amount before blow drying will do.

Think about your hair as two separate areas: The roots require volume, so that’s where your mousse or gel should be applied – focus these products in the Mohawk section of your hair. From mid-shaft to the ends is where smoothing products should go, to give you a beautiful combination of volume and polish.

At NewStyle Salons you can find both Smoothing and Volumizing products such as:

  • Sexy Hair Smooth Encounter Blow Dry Extender – Blowouts last longer
  • Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream – Creates soft styles for a natural feel
  • Sexy Hair Root Pump –  Gives hair lots of volume
  • Bamboo 48 hr Sustainable Volume Spray – Award-winning & clinically proven


Try Something New this holiday season!

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